Squeeze words when writing

The worth of word
  • Transliteration: dú shū xū yòng yì, yī zì zhí qiān jīn
  • Intention of required study, the word worth a thousand gold.
  • “When reading, don’t let a single word escape your attention; one word may be worth a thousand pieces of gold. This proverb stresses the fact that study requires undivided attention.”


Nobody touched me.

This is how a woman of pharaoh (Joseph the Israelite ) settled The abduction of Sara the woman of Abraham the prophet of God, after many centuries.

But Joseph the prophet of God and his brother were the real heroes To achieve a tie in the number of victims on both sides :

Pharaonic in terms of infertility resulting from the prayer ‘ of the prophet Abraham when his wife and sister Sara was kidnapped , on the one hand, and the number of slain men of the tribe of Benjamin with their eleven brothers-the Sons of Abraham-on the other hand, until the tribe of Benjamin to perish completely without the marriage of the survivor of the Prophet of Allah [lot]daughters –who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah (Kingdom of kidnapping and prostitution)– to be together the Kingdom of (new Israel) and the Kingdom of Judah.

look to the wise woman before Joseph ,which not mentioned “Sara” s name , but her name Pharaoh`s wifeTo declare that no women were touched in the court of pharaoh either Israeli or Egyptian during the illness of Egyptian men with infertility.As if they agreed to resolve the dispute in the same corner of the palace and the same scene. Then took Joseph to teach him the fortune, holiness, incense, pure olive oil and the works of the tribe of Leviticus before the Torah(old testament) to descend four generations full of 430 years. And they gave him a great wife the daughter of a priest near the holy of Holies in Egypt.


European Union: The euro currency is the EU entry requirement. What is the requirement for England to depart from the two currencies by 18 degrees East + (from 6218) in the British Europe tunnel on all continents bearing the UK flag with its date? A question for the dean of the most famous British University of Economics and Political science, as well as the senior teachers of the British Academy of Military Sciences.

لا يتوفر وصف للصورة.
Image result for british passport AFTER eu

Image result for british passport AFTER eu

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Department of Closed Psychology (How to overcome the human psyche)؟

We all know the animosity between the cunning “snake” and the “Jewish foot”, one trampling and the other biting. As we know the rivalry between the Roman “military chosen God” in wars and guard experience, and Jews “God’s chosen people” in wisdom, education and guidance with experience.

The Jew – by law – was the most severe of the “living feline serpent”. Before the words of Christ “love your enemies”, and be cautious also at the same time “Be in the vanguard of pigeons and in the warning of snakes” and leave the Jews to be – complete – with him, or stay in what can never be canceled.

In three dealt with the feline snake: –
1 – The Jew: – Smashed her head with his foot.
2 – Christ: – He said to her three verses, and the fourth “Go, Satan.”
3 – Muslim: – said to her – I seek refuge of God from the accursed Satan – + In the name of God be – who – be. And left her and did not care what the snake says.

From the above we note the animosity between the Jews and the cunning viper, who hurt her feelings.

Even though it is confined to man (because of a table of power that can help him against man).ALSO(For a man can help him against the viper)AS WELL to achieve the balance, because both sides worship God, but their dispute over who (manages and leads the earth).Such as the act of “John the Theologian”And the devil came out of the pit to rule the land for three years, to rest the ruler, or the king ،according to the words of God in the Old Testament.. “(The Holy Spirit will not remain with man forever, but only 120 years is the maximum age because he is unstable and unstable principles).

Here is the main question, who noticed this (dangerous circular psychological entry-how to beat the president?)? And who recorded it as a “novel”? The beast or the Jewish man? Why did the man marry the beast to give birth to a new mind, feeling and emotion? (Al-Anaam: verse 128).And replaced together celestial arrangements in worship, finances and classes of beneficiaries and beneficiaries (to commit together the same crime of heart and chest committed by (I am better than I am due)

The cover was decorated with an image depicting both the beastly and human sides, and the judgment of the reader
In my opinion the title of this book is:

Trust in the righteousness. And it is silent about the dialect.

Serpent Or Human
The Author?

That`s The Question


The male singular pronoun (OF THE SPEAKER-GRAMMAR ) in Omega









(R OF FORGIVER) which equal alpha(a)*?


From(a) till (a*) are( MY VERSE)=from first,start,beginning, to, end last ARE MY VERSES. …(Y) IN EASTERN LANGUAGES as (Z) IN ENGLISH ,THE LAST LETTER IN ALPHABETICAL . as “Ya Malek Al-Molk” calling letter{YA}.

The male singular speaker pronoun in grammar (omega-ya-Z) in possessive style is {MY , VERSES} .

This Table exactly as Isaiah: 41 : 4-(of jew),also as Revelation :1 :8 (of christian), for all believers row houses$ , but different for mouslems of mosques (not of houses)

The Assassination of a President.1 MAY 2019.

The giant construction companies and the printing presses OF BANKNOTES – through some members of the legislative councils: –

  1. Article of equality (600 * 180 *) to the person entitled to (approval / rejection%).
    2 – ARTICLE OF the inheritance of the lease contract to cancel the contract by the death of the party signed rental (especially Basements and surfaces and then repeated FLOORS ).
    3 – the course of approval and the course of refusal and so until death.IN ALL STATES.



The Amazonian girls tug of war team took part in ‘Mud Tug’ on long beach along with the RNLI and other teams during the 2017 Whitstable Oyster Festival. 23 July 2017. Please byline: Vantagenews.com




رسالة عمر بن الخطاب إلى عمرو بن العاص حول فتح مصر ورده عليها

اذهب إلى التنقلاذهب إلى البحث

بعد تمام فتح مصر، كتب عُمر بن الخطَّاب إلى واليه عمرو بن العاص، يسألهُ عن أوضاع البلاد قائلًا:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

«أمَّا بعد يا عمرو. إذا أتاك كتابي فابعث إليَّ جوابه، تصف لي مصر ونيلها وأوضاعها، وما هي عليه حتَّى كأنني حاضرها».

فكتب عمرو بن العاص يشرح أحوال مصر قائلًا:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

«أمَّا بعدُ، يا أمير المُؤمنين. فإنَّها تُربةٌ غبراء، وحشيشةٌ خضراء، بين جبلين، جبلُ رملٍ كأنَّهُ بطنٌ أقبّ وطهرٌ أجبّ. ورزقُها ما بين أسوان إلى منشأ من البر. يخطُّ وسطها نهرٌ مُبارك الغدوات، ميمونُ الروحات، يجري بالزيادةُ والنُقصان، كمجاري الشمس والقمر. لهُ أوان تظهر إليه عُيونُ الأرض ومنابعها، مُسخِّرةً له بذلك ومأمورةٌ له. حتَّى أطلخمَّ عجاجه، وقفطفطت أمواجُه، واغلولوت لُججه، لم يبقَ الخَلاصُ إلى القُرى بعضها إلى بعضٍ، إلَّا في خفاف القوارب، أو صغارُ المراكب، التي كأنَّها في الجبائل ورق الأبابيل. ثُمَّ أعاد بعد انتهاء أجله نكص على عقبه، كأوَّل ما بدا، في دربه وطما في سربه. ثُمَّ استبان مكنونها ومخزونها. ثُمَّ انتشرت بعد ذلك أُمَّةٌ مخفورة، وذمَّةٌ مغفورة لِغيرهم ما سعوا به من كدِّهم وما ينالوا بِجُهدهم، شعثوا بُطون الأرض وروابيها. ورموا فيها من الحبِّ ما يرجعون به من التمام من الربّ، حتَّى إذا أحدق فاستبق وأسبل قنواته. سقى الله من فوقه الندى، ورواه من تحت بالثرى. ورُبما كان سحابٌ مُكفهر ورُبَّما لم يكن.

وفي زماننا ذلك، يا أمير المُؤمنين، ما يُغنِّي ذُبابه ويُدبِّرُ حلابه. فبينما هي بريَّةٌ غبراء، إذ هي لُجَّةٌ زرقاء، إذ هي سُندُسيَّةٌ خضراء، إذ هي ديباجةٌ رقشاء، إذ هي دُرَّةٌ بيضاء، إذ هي حلَّةٌ سوداء. فتبارك الله أحسنُ الخالقين. والذي يُصلحُ هذه البلاد ويُقرُّ قاطنها فيها ثلاث أشياء: أوَّلها لا تقبل قول رئيسها على خسيسها، والثاني يؤخذ ثُلث ارتفاعها يُصرف في عمارة ترعها وجُسورها، والثالث لا يُستأدى خراج كُلُّ صنفٍ إلَّا منه عند استهلاله. فإذا تقرَّر الحال مع العُمَّال على هذه الأحوال تضاعف ارتقاعُ المال، واللهُ المُوفِّقُ إلى حُسن المآل.


Busy & Businessman..THE BEST & THE BETTER.


000000001$ : C09090743D

Per child (born or registered) $ 600 per month (based on the loaf of $ 1) – 600 local units for all children of the world – up to the age of 120 if they die in the first month they register in the death registry and cut their right to $ 600 (600 loaves) In local currency), but if they live, their name will become non-working citizens. If they work every day for 30 days, their name will become workers with a monthly wage of $ 3,000. Bringing the total monthly rights to $ 3,000 + 60 = $ 3600 per month. If they continue to work until the age of 60, their name becomes “businessmen” or “capitalists”. For their savings (3600 x 365 days x 60 =16 MILLIONS[MINUS ROUTINE SPENDS]). Here they are under a new name, “The Best Are Not Equal to Citizens” on a journey that began with childhood equality at $ 600 a month from the first month of childbirth. So said the man who made the $ 0000000001 number.
(The owner is God, we distributed monthly in the currencies of the whole world) and some of them were sent to life from the graves again to testify and challenge the constitutional amendments.

But the President of the Republic and the President of the People’s Assembly and the House of Representatives and the Senate believe that the amendment of the article of equality of children, to be several records instead of one record, for example:
1 – record for children similar to the first letter of the name and their share is $ 600 each month. (The so-called top citizen)
2 – a record for boys and another for girls after the letter (r) until the letter (j) and have a share of $ 400 per month (and called a citizen lowest record)
3 – register for children with blue eyes and have a share of $ 300 per month (and called a citizen accessories)
Record according to the religion (A) JEWS&JINNI CHILDREN(150$ MONTHLY OR 5 LOAFS DAILY)
(B) of Muslim children $ 120 per month or 4 loaves per day. Life

(c) Christian child $ 145 per month or a quarter kilo baton salty daily with milk.
This requires the signature of the former to give up their daily and monthly dues to the cash maker, to disrupt the work of the constitution, to abolish the word “citizen in equality or merit”, and to establish a new state without a required revolution, International Justice in the event of litigation (without) violence, terrorism or wars, local or maritime.
Finally we are still living days and read the news and the official newspaper

Administrative control HAVE 1000 TONGUES FOR understanding

Administrative control

The administrative control did not wait for the signature of the President of the Republic on the presentation of the proposal of the Economic Committee (Finance, Rights and Penal Sanctions) consisting of 3 women, 4 men and 4 PhD holders Of the members of the House of Representatives session in May 2018 under the chairmanship of the procedures of approval or rejection of the referendum and the session declared in the Official Gazette% of the result of the referendum and the offer to the President of the Republic before the transfer of pensions in a period of 60 days maximum August 1, 2018 (in the amendment of the article on 0) Rights and Finances Wages and social security, to or from deserving citizens – excluded terrorist groups – were not prosecuted by the law _ since the article before the amendment is entitled to charge the violator over the decision declared in the Official Gazette on charges of (seizure of public money: cash and land used by agriculture and housing and The former President of the Republic and his sons Gamal and Alaa and the former ministers and legislators of the People’s Assembly. It should not be a crime if the current President of the Republic agrees to add the word (0) or who deserves it. Of citizens 0) and publication in the Official Gazette of its history and its pursuit After the retirement age of his case – after lifting his immunity – or renewing the term of his presidency increase or decrease in accordance with his desire in this matter, especially / and in general the formulation of what was published and work before presenting the new order to the President of the Republic for approval or rejection in the same period in a maximum of 60 Days ending on May 1, 2019 (celebratory celebration). And all the members of the House of Representatives – by chance – are living in the towers of Athens Street Mustafa Khadem Omar Lotfy – Bab east of Alexandria. Fathia to the men of administrative control in the dismantling of the matter of confusion in the seizure or merit.

لم تنتظر الرقابة الادارية توقيع السيد/ رئيس الجمهورية على ما قدمهالسيد الدكتور/ رئيس مجلس الشعب المرفوع اليه اقتراح اللجنة الاقتصادية (الماليات و الحقوق و العقوبات الجنائية) و المكونة من 3 سيدات و اربعة رجال و 4 من الحاصلين على درجة الدكتوراه (و جميعهم من اعضاء مجلس النواب دورة مايو 2018 برئاسة الدكتور باجراءات الموافقة او الرفض و الاستفتاء بالجلسة المعلنة بالجريدة الرسمية % نتيجة الاستفتاء الشعبي و العرض على رئيس الجمهورية قبل احالته للمعاش في مدة 60 يوم اقصاها 1 اغسطس 2018 ) في امر تعديل المادة المتعلقة (0 بالمساواة بين المواطنين حقوق و ماليات و اجور و ضمان اجتماعي , الى او من يستحق من المواطنين -فئات مستثناة ارهابية- لم يلاحقهم القانون_ حيث ان المادة قبل التعديل يحق لها اتهام المخالف بالزيادة عن المقرر المعلن بالجريدة الرسمية بتهمة (الاستيلاء على المال العام : نقدا و اراضي ينتفع بها زراعيا و اسكانا و سياحيا و صناعيا و محلات تجارية و مخازن سلع و هي الجريمة المتهم بها السيد/ رئيس الجمهورية السابق و نجليه “جمال و علاء “و السابقين من الوزراء و التشريعيين بمجلس الشعب و لا تكن جريمة اذا وافق رئيس الجمهورية الحالى على اضافة لفظ(0او من يستحق من المواطنين0) و النشر بالجريدة الرسمية بتاريخه و ملاحقته بعد سن المعاش لمسائلته – بعد رفع الحصانة عنه- او تجديد مدة رئاسته بالزيادة او النقصان حسب رغبته في هذا الامر خاصة /و عموما توضيجا لما تم نشره و العمل به قبل عرض الامر الجديد على رئيس الجمهورية للموافقة او الرفض في المتشابه منه في مدة اقصاها 60 يوما تنتهي في عيد العمال 1 مايو 2019(الاحتفالية المباركة ). و جميع اعضاء لجنة النواب -بالمصادفة -يقطنون في ابراج اثينا بشارع مصطفى الخادم عمر لطفى -باب شرقي اسكندرية . فتحية لرجال الرقابة الادارية في فك امر الحيرة في الاستيلاء او الاستحقاق .